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Sodium Hydroxide: Defying a chemical that “finds” leaks


Also known as caustic soda or liquid lye, sodium hydroxide is used to adjust pH in water and wastewater treatment and in the manufacture of chemicals, rayon, cellophane, pulp and paper, aluminum, detergents, soaps and a wide range of other products.

The Sodium Hydroxide Guide includes:


An overview of Poly Processing’s sodium hydroxide storage systems


Tank specifications for sodium hydroxide storage & recommended system components


Technical overview of the storage system & considerations for fittings and placement


About Poly Processing

Known as a leader in crosslinked polyethylene chemical tanks, Poly Processing is a company dedicated to storage safety, as well as operational- and cost-effectiveness. This national company has worked to raise the standards of the industry and continually develops new and better storage concepts that are based on client feedback.