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Fume scrubbers are installed to remove or neutralize the harmful substances emitted from combustion, or in this case, the storage of chemicals.

Wet scrubbers function by contacting the target compounds with a scrubbing solution. Often, the solution is simply water, but can be a reagent to address specific chemicals. Some chemicals that are stored in Poly Processing Company tanks may require scrubber systems such as hydrochloric acid, ammonia, and acetic acid.  

We have the ability to produce simple to more complex scrubbers based on our client’s need. Our standard scrubber PolyScrub Basic™ is comprised of a submerged plenum, which allows fumes to bubble through a water bath. It has manual valves and no electronics so no need for a power supply. This system is 100% manual and must rely on the operator to discharge and fill the scrubber system when needed.

All PolyScrub™systems require a  bulk tank feeding the scrubber to be part of the package. For safety and engineering reasons we do not quote or sell scrubber systems by themselves.  

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About PolyScrub™


Used in applications where fumes or odor are problematic


Hydrochloric acid, acetic acid and ammonium based products to eliminate toxic fumes 


Ferric Chloride to address environmental issues


There are many other chemicals this product could be used for


Very cost effective compared to other alternatives


About Poly Processing

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